Gray Duck Coffee takes flight
16 Dec

Gray Duck Coffee takes flight

Gray Duck Coffee is now roasting in Chagrin Falls, OH

At Gray Duck Coffee we believe people deserve great coffee to fuel their daily adventures. And if you get up that extra ten minutes to make coffee at home it had better be worth it. That said, a lot goes into a good cup. From the coffee farms where meticulous care is put into growing, harvesting, and processing excellent green coffees, to the roasting process (this is where we come in) where roasters artfully roast coffee to develop the natural flavors of the beans, and finally to the end consumer (you've got this) who carefully weighs, grinds, and brews the coffee to be enjoyed. 

That all seems like a lot, but we try to simplify this process as much as possible by giving you the confidence that we have the first two steps covered. All you need to do is brew! We’ve even written up these handy-dandy, step-by-step brew guides to get you brewing like a pro! Subscribe to our blog updates as we dive into these topics further and explore the world of coffee. We’re excited to be on this highly-caffeinated adventure and hope you’ll join us!

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