Filter Brew/ Automatic Drip Brewer

Filter Brew Brew Guide


Automatic drip brewer, corresponding filter (if required), low mineral content water, kitchen scale, burr grinder, mug, fresh-roasted Gray Duck Coffee


Step 1: Weigh the whole bean coffee to how much water you are using: 60-65 grams of whole bean coffee per 1 liter of water.  Adjust based on your preferred strength. 

Step 2: Grind the coffee using a burr grinder to a medium grind. 

Step 3: Pour corresponding amount of water into the water reservoir and return coffee pot/receptacle to the brewer.    

Step 4: Put filter in the filter basket and rinse with hot water.  Discard rinse water from coffee pot/receptacle and return to the brewer. 

Step 5: Deposit the ground coffee in the filter and shake gently to level off the coffee.    

Step 6: Start the automatic drip brewer.

Step 7: Once the brewer has completed the brewing process serve immediately.  Enjoy!

(Tip: remove the coffee from the heat source immediately after brewing.  Leaving it on the heat can make it bitter and negatively affect the taste.  If you're not serving it right away, transfer the coffee to an insulated carafe to keep it warm.) 

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