Pour-Over Brew Guide


Pour-over drip cone, cone-shaped paper filter, kettle, low mineral content water, receptacle, kitchen scale, burr grinder, mug, fresh-roasted Gray Duck Coffee


Step 1: Boil a kettle of water.

Step 2: Grind the coffee just before brewing. Weigh the whole bean coffee to how much water you are using: 60-65 grams of whole bean coffee per 1 liter of water. For example, if you’re making a single cup of coffee use 21 grams of whole bean coffee to 12oz. of water.

Step 3: Grind the coffee using a burr grinder to medium-fine, similar to sea salt. Deposit the ground coffee in the filter.

Step 4: Place the paper filter into the brewer and place the brewer on top of the receptacle/coffee mug. Wet the filter with hot water. Discard the water in the receptacle before brewing.

Step 5: Add the ground coffee to the brewer, place brewer & receptacle on the scale, then tare or set the scale to zero.

Step 6: Wait 10 seconds once the water has boiled. Then, wet the coffee grounds with hot water from the kettle, starting in the center and pouring in circles towards the outside. Pour only enough to wet the grounds and let the coffee “bloom”, or foam up for 30 seconds.

Step 7: Continue to pour the hot water evenly in circles outwards from the center to the edge of the filter, careful to pour directly on the coffee and not the edges of the filter, until you have reached the correct weight on the scale. i.e. 12oz./340 grams

Step 8: The water will take a few minutes to filter through. Once it slows, discard the coffee grounds and filter, remove the brewer, and enjoy!

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