Espresso Roast


Dark Roast | Natural

Tasting Notes: (What is a tasting note?)

Cocoa, Almond, Brown Sugar

    Product Description: 

    Whole bean coffee

    About the Bean:

    Our Espresso Roast is made from top lots produced in the Alta Mogiana region of Brazil. This coffee has a consistent and clean cup profile with tasting notes of cocoa, almond and brown sugar.  It's well-balanced and perfect for espresso-based drinks or on its own. 

    The Mogiana region is rich in coffee history.  In 1872, twenty-one coffee farmers were the first to invest in a new railroad in northeastern Sao Paulo, Brazil, near the border with Minas Gerias.  The new railway was christened “Mogiana Railroad Company,” and it was so important that the region would take the name as its own.  After a century of operation, the tracks had been largely dismantled and the name changed, but the coffee region kept its adopted moniker.  Building a railroad to get coffee to market is indicative of the innovation producers in the Mogiana region have always brought to coffee farming. 

    Origin: Brazil 

    Region: Alta Mogiana

    Processing: Natural, Dry Processed



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