Tanzania Peaberry


Washed & Sun Dried

Tasting Notes: (What is a tasting note?)

Milk Chocolate, Heavy Body, Caramel

Product Description: 

12oz. bag of whole bean coffee

    About the Bean:

    This coffee is a blend of auction lots from the Southern highlands, Mbeya region. The altitude of this region is about 1300-1400m above sea level with average annual rainfall of 1100mm per annum. Producers are small scale farmers who have 200 to 500 coffee trees on their farms. Cherry is delivered immediately after it has been picked to nearby washing stations called CPUs after picking – Central Pulpery Units - where it is pulped, fermented, washed and then sun dried. Dry parchment is delivered to commercial millers in Mbeya and Mbozi where coffee is put in to various grades before being offered for sale through auction held weekly in Moshi.

    Origin: Tanzania

    Region: Southern Highlands, Mbeya

    Processing Method: Washed

    Bean Type: Peaberry

    Growing Elevation: 1300-1400 meters



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